10 Essential Twitter tips for Beginners

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging system that allows you to send and receive short posts called tweets. There you can post your own tweets or retweet any other tweets. Retweeting means that information reaches a large number of people quickly and efficiently. Twitter users can follow other users; as a result, the person following their tweets can be seen in the timeline of Twitter. People and organizations with similar academic and personal interests can be followed.

10 Essential Twitter tips for Beginners:

Here are my top 10 Twitter tips for beginners so that they can gradually increase the number of their followers –

  1. Schedule your tweets: In the early days of blogging, everyone had a hard time understanding how to consistently tweet so much content. That’s why there are CoSchedule that spend $10 a month on WordPress plugins to air scheduling tweets. As soon as you post something on any blog, tweets can be scheduled for that day, next, one week in advance, etc.
  2. Choose a Creative, Short Twitter Handle and Write Punch, Short Tweets: Always choose a creative and memorable, emotional writing and make sure the handle is not too long. Following such tweets at certain times of the day will attract followers and will also be willing to retweet.
  3. Use Hashtags: Hashtags are a very important part of making the content of a post searchable by others. Hashtags are basically used to engage in an ongoing conversation on a specific topic. One or two relevant hashtags are enough for any tweet; don’t need too many hashtags.
  4. Be Patient: It is wrong to think that there will be thousands of followers from the day you sign up till tomorrow. You need to connect with others as much as possible and share your message. Gradually people will follow you and retweet your tweets.
  5. Learn Lingo: At first it may be confusing to everyone: Direct Message (DM), ReTweet (RT), Hashtag. If you know the exact meaning of these terms first, you will be much less frustrated and interesting by Twitter.
  6. Shorten Your URL: The URL should be kept as short as possible. To get more space for the tweet character box, use somewhat shorter URLs. Not only does it create a little short link for tweets, it’s also a great way to track clicks.
  7. Engage with Others: If someone likes to read a post, they will definitely want to retweet it; so you should always leave room for retweets. Keep in mind that the tweet should not be too big and monotonous. Others should take the time to retweet and respond to their tweets as they like.
  8. Don’t Just Talk About Yourself: Talking about yourself on Twitter will not make others interested. So sincere and general posts should also be made to get involved with others. It helps to increase the number of followers or friends.
  9. Make Your Following: One way to increase the number of Twitter listeners is the Crowdfire app. One of the most user-friendly features is copywriting. Type in the handle of a user or blogger who has their own demographics and follow the person’s followers, chances are they will follow again. The following can be added as the day progresses by copying almost certain followers of others.
  10. A picture is worth a thousand tweets: Any image associated with a tweet is very effective in increasing visibility and engagement. Being able to include an image in each tweet attracts more followers or others. In that case tweeting a picture is just as important as tweeting countless texts.


Nowadays famous people from all the big companies are using Twitter and sharing their different opinions or perspectives with everyone. So like all other social media in the future it will also be a very important part. So today you also need to use Twitter as a special as social media marketing  medium to stand up and keep in touch with others and keep in touch with everyone.

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