Social Commerce – Trending Way to Boost Your Sale in 2020

Nowadays Social media has grown bigger and more useful. As the user spend time on social media more it helps a business grow bigger with the help of Social commerce. Social commerce is selling product directly to the customer through the help of social media platforms. In social commerce, the customer can purchase products without leaving the social media platform. Different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and many more. Among these the most famous are Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest as social commerce.

Social commerce is –

1. Facebook:

Firstly the Facebook has Facebook page shops. Here the owner can create a whole store in the Facebook page shop. The user can get into it very easily. Here the user can add a new product for the existing and new customers at their page, user can update product information accordingly as the products can get a new feature in it, the selling of the product will take place from their page so that the customer doesn’t have to go to any other websites. The owner has to take care of the orders that the customers want and supply the products to them; the shipping is to be done properly so that the customer didn’t get disappointed by the product. Facebook insert ad in videos which help customer to get recommendations about the product the customer is finding.

2. Instagram:

Instagram checkout is another way to sell products on the social media platform. The Instagram checkout is fully contained with the shopping experience. Here the customer can select product brands among the brands available to them. The customer can purchase the product without leaving the Instagram app.

3. Pinterest:

Pinterest is also a powerful social commerce feature for business. The buyable pins are the pins in which a customer can tap and open the page where the products are sold. The user can provide the catalog to the customer so that they can choose the product among the brand available. The best way to boost social commerce by providing the best products but at low-cost prices. The low-cost price attracts more customers to their pages and pins. Pinterest automatically shows ads to relevant shoppers, match the product with other people they might like the product, and purchase the product from them.

4. Snapchat:

Snapchat has a Snapchat collection ad which is their commerce based ad that allows the owner to feature a series of products within the ad where the customer can get information about the product just by a single tap. Snapchat uses the product feed which is there in the snap ads Manager. The owner can upload pictures of the product after the video ends so that the customer can get a look at the product.

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