July 20, 2018

SMS Marketing

What will do when your company has something urgent like a discount offer or a limited period sale to announce? Without Bedanta Softech’s service for SMS marketing Kolkata you are inevitably failing to reach the expected number of potential customers within a brief and limited period. If you want to reach out to customers with offers and discounts, you surely aren’t hoping them to come to your company site every time to look for offers and attractive giveaways. There are just a handful of existing and potential customers who would visit company sites to view for suggestions on a regular basis. Instead, it is expected for the companies and brands to approach them with any exclusive discounts on offer.

How do we help?

At Bedanta we understand that people have become more attached to their mobile phones and thus, the quickest way we can reach them is through SMS marketing Kolkata based companies are recently focusing in. So, text them. And, if you are planning to text a large number of people at the same time, you must take help of SMS marketing service Kolkata of professionals associated with Bedanta Softech. We can help you with:

  • Instant, bulk delivery of SMS
  • DND & Non-DND SMS
  • An online report on the analysis of sent SMS
  • Free API integration
  • Round the clock delivery of SMSs
  • Promotional SMSs
  • Creation of Interactive SMS Panel UI
  • Voice SMS sending
  • Missed Call Alert services

At Bedanta, our professionals fully understand the importance of SMS campaign. We also offer SMS marketing service Kolkata at a final price so that you too feel that sending SMS to all your clients is pocket happy for you.  So, trust in us for the best transactional and promotional SMS campaigns for your company. You do not have to think twice before onboarding our SMS marketing Kolkata based services.

Why do you need help SMS-ing?

Sending SMS regarding offers and discounts is an effective marketing strategy. It also has a high open rate. However, sending SMSs randomly won’t help as sending messages to people who are not interested will not bring business to your company. Unlike email, which is only checked a few times and often not every day, SMSs have a high open rate and are checked almost immediately. But if you are not experienced in SMS marketing, you may end up disturbing your contacts at odd hours of the day. So, leave it to our experienced professionals at Bedanta Softech. Check our bulk SMS packages before you decide further…