5 Major Changes in SEO You Must Follow in 2020

The online competition has increased and new websites are being launched. Now the websites must meet a specific requirement which is set by Google and this is where the strategy of the SEO becomes more important to fulfill.

The SEO must know the trend which is coming up in recent years and ensure that more customers find more optimized results in the search engine.

So let’s have a look in the trends:-

1. Snippets dominate more search clicks

The snippets are the search results that appear in the first which contain clear answers to the question searched. The snippets should not contain vague answers as that can be confusing for the users who have searched about the term. These snippets are evaluated by Google according to the clarity and quality of the answer. Then they are boosted according to the evaluation.

2. Websites optimize for Voice search

Now the users are using the voice search instead of entering keywords in the Google search. This makes Google work more to find relevant information in a short time. The user might be searching for the results which are to the point and are prompt. The user fined it more easily to search from Google as they don’t have to type any words with their hands.

3. Mobile UX will determine your ranking

The mobile version of a website is more useful than the PC version because a user can check the website on the mobile phone as it is handy and easy to handle. The user can check websites whenever he feels like. The mobile version of websites are easy to read and can grab people’s attention. There are more Smartphone users than PC users.

4. High-quality content is more important than ever

The user wants relevant results after searching in the search engine. The content will reach more people if it is more clear and detailed in nature. The contents are to be very well researched and logically structured so that the user can find the results very easily. The informative type of content will grow the popularity of a website.

5. Content length matter

The content has to be longer and more clarified. If the content is lengthy but full of vague information then the user will not show interest in the website. The content should be full of information and lengthier. The more information and bigger the content the higher ranking it would be.

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