10 Benefits of using QR Code for Marketing Strategy

What is QR Code?

The QR Code is a 2-D barcode that helps to get any information quickly through the camera on the smartphone. If you scan with QR code, you can know the detailed information on that smartphone. Another key feature of this codes is that instead of requiring a whitewashed hand-held scanner to scan channels, many modern cell phones scan them.

How to create QR code?

Step 1 – Set QR Content.
Step 2 – Customize Design.
Step 3 – Generate QR Code.
Step 4 – Download Image.

10 Types of Use of QR Code:

  1. Increase Social Media Engagement – If a user likes your product or service, they can follow social media (Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, etc.) pages to give them more updates. It will maintain good relationship and engagement with the customers.
  2. Direct customers to a page/website – Helps lead to a QR code scanned page or website. This eliminates the hassle of accessing the website and navigating your way around the page.
  3. Provide More Information – In many cases the customer is interested to know about some information beyond the demand; in which case if there is a QR code, all the information can be easily found through it.
  4. Boost Website Traffic – QR codes, customers can be directed to the business website in an easy way which is effective in significantly increasing the traffic of a website.
  5. Strengthen SEO and SMO – Web objects like videos, music clips, and images make good money for social graphs. QR codes improve social media optimization with your search engine, increasing traffic to such searchable objects.
  6. Promotion, Discounts and Giveaways – In order to increase the engagement, certain discounts have to be given by scanning the QR codes. Ads can be posted through these codes or across the store. If retweet option is maintained then buyers will have the opportunity to share their discounts/feelings with their followers. Seeing that later, more customers will increase.
  7. Get More Likes and Follows – Information about your product or service can be provided through Facebook pages or WhatsApp groups. Interested people will be able to communicate as needed; the number of likes and followers will gradually increase.
  8. View Business Location, Email/Phone Number – If visitors to a website want to visit your office or get your office email/phone number, all information can be found only by scanning the QR code on the website through the phone’s camera.
  9. Create a Social Proof – By creating the offline community, the online community can be used as social evidence of the company’s experience and influence. Must constantly provide good quality products or services. As a result, customers always make positive comments on social media, which will be a proof of providing good service.
  10. Increase E-Commerce Sales – QR codes are capable of generating URLs so a code can be created that will make shopping carts popular with customers along with specific products.

QR codes are primarily used to connect and engage between you and your customers. The QR codes can provide a lot of additional information beyond your expectations.

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