July 19, 2018

Animation & Video

Did you know that video is the form of web content that is accountable for almost 80% of traffic to a site? Bedanta Softech is a company you can entrust for video marketing in Kolkata. If you still think you can compete well without a video or two on your site, you are wrong! Let us help you understand the need for hiring a video marketing agency Kolkata like us.

Get better ROI with video marketing

Today, with people having less attention span than ever, your site needs something attractive and engaging to reduce the bounce rates. Moreover, the more you can engage the visitors to your website, the better you can convince them about your products and services. At Bedanta we understand that the ideal format for content consumption on a site is through videos and thus, it is urgent that you know the importance of video marketing in Kolkata without a second’s delay.

Why Choose Bedanta?

We are a one-stop-destination for tailor-made video marketing strategies. We are a reputed company that can help you in making company-friendly corporate films in Kolkata. In addition to that, we have a team of experts who can help in proper video marketing, video advertising, and at every step of production. We work with a young, energetic, and professional team and value customer satisfaction to the fullest. Bedanta is a video editing house in Kolkata that has the history of working with SMEs, small and large agencies, corporates, as well as individuals who are planning to make their endeavours famous on the Internet. We are also involved in wedding video editing in Kolkata.

If you have been looking for a video editing company in Kolkata that can do all these and lots more, Bedanta Softech is a company that you are looking for. Do check this list of services that you might need for popularizing your business online:

  • Video strategy:

    With Bedanta video editing in Kolkata, you can ensure having a proper strategy even before the start of producing videos. The professionals will discuss the types of videos your company need to make and also about their optimization and distribution.

  • Video production and marketing:

    We are one of the explainer video companies in Kolkata that set a goal for your videos and produce the right kind of videos to reach that set goal. The Bedanta experts will help you understand the different videos suitable for your company like 3600, VR, live action video, or animated video.

The Bedanta professionals are perpetually striving to get the best possible results for your video marketing and advertising campaigns by choosing the right players, technology, and platforms. Let us show you how to reach the right audience at the right time and place with your videos!