July 19, 2018

About Us

Bedanta Softech was set up in 2014, with a team of four determined professionals who wanted to create something extraordinary in the digital marketing world. With over a hundred successful client, our technique has been recognized as a top-notch digital marketing consultant in Kolkata. Our methods have been defined as are convenient, from generating leads to getting potential clients across all major business sectors: retail, finance, travel, fashion, and b2b.

What’s Different About Bedanta?

  • We work Smarter

We are not saying this, Google is! Benchmarking our work against other digital marketing agencies, Google found out that we have a much more complex structure with an average of double the number of active keywords.

  • Integrated Approach

From the beginning, we have provided integrated services across all media platforms. For instance – we make it easy to swap budgets from one channel to another so as to optimize your expenditure.

  • Maths + Magic

Facts and information are definitely important, but offering user-friendly experience is also vital. We concentrate on both the maths and magic of digital marketing.

  • We generate results

We don’t speak. We perform. We help our clients to meet their targets – we’re really good at that.


We have been deploying out-of-the-box digital marketing strategies that have fetched outstanding results with high-level user satisfaction. We are one of the leading digital agencies in Kolkata and we take pride in creating success stories for brands over the years.

Our approach is simple – we do thorough research about the company’s background, it’s customers and clients, and it’s revenue chart. We then make a list of all the things which are needed to be included for a higher reach and profit. Then, we brainstorm with our top data specialists and digital gurus along with our client company’s management. We go step-by-step, which makes our work transparent and gives us perspective. Driven by understanding, we produce the intuitive user experience that helps us meet organizational goals and is a delight for the users in the long-term. Having a strong command in every discipline such as website design, web development, mobile marketing, SEO, PPC, social media marketing, content writing, video animation and many more – makes us the best!